Peace Like A River

It was a wide river, mistakable for a lake or even an ocean unless you'd been wading and knew its current. Somehow I'd crossed it... Now I saw the stream regrouped below, flowing on through what might've been vineyards, pastures, orhards... It flowed between and alongside the rivers of people; from here it was no more than a silver wire winding toward the city. - Leif Enger, Peace Like A River

Monday, November 28, 2005

Looking back at Operation Steel Curtain

Bill Roggio is now in Iraq, and in the last couple days has had a couple of very informative pieces looking back at Operation Steel Curtain. The pieces are at his new blog, ThreatsWatch, which also includes the excellent work of Steve Schippert and Marvin Hutchens. Bill's accounts are full of details that could only have come from talking to the military on the ground there.

The posts are entitled Steel Curtain Unmasked: The Story Behind the Battle for the Western Euphrates and The Hounds of Husaybah: A night on patrol with the Jackals of Lima Company.

For my own reference as much as anything, I'll list here all of my posts on Operation Steel Curtain.

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