Samuel – A Lifetime Serving God

Lesson 5: “Wickedness in High Places” I Samuel 2:12-36


“…for they were treating the Lord's offering with contempt.” I Samuel 2:17


No regard for the Lord

·        This past year and a half, we've seen in our own country the trouble that can come when those in positions of authority do not respect God's ways

·        Eli had two sons who served as priests (1:3). Sadly, "they had no regard for the Lord" (2:12)

·        Isn't it amazing that someone can serve as priest in the Tabernacle and still not know God?


Treating the Lord's offering with contempt

·        Method for providing for the priests was clearly outlined in Lev. 7:30-34. The fat was to be burned first. God must come first.

·        Eli's sons had become so callous about what they were doing; they took, even by threat of force, their share before the offering was made. What's more, they were interfering with another person's offering to the Lord. Their own selfish desires had become more important than observing the solemn requirements of the Law.


Samuel grew up in the presence of the Lord

·        In the midst of all this, seeing this first hand, was little Samuel. He served in the tabernacle (2:18) and so was exposed to this sad example. But Samuel kept his faith (2:26)

·        We are given a touching glimpse of Hannah coming every year to give Samuel a robe. (2:19) You know how kids grow out of clothes!

·        Last week we talked about Hannah giving up that which she wanted most. Here, God rewards her choice, and gives her even more than what she asked for (2:20,21)

·        Goliath was a big problem, Hannah had a big problem, but she had found the way to conquer life's big problems. Not the world's way, but the upside-down way.


Why do you honor your sons more than me?

·        Here in Chapter 2, God sends a prophet to speak to Eli, not Eli's sons.

·        We see Eli's sons were involved the same kind of wickedness the pagans practiced (2:22)

·        Eli spoke to his sons (2:23), but apparently that's all he did. Hence the visit from the prophet.

·        The man of God had some very direct questions for Eli (2:29)

·        There are severe consequences for the family because of this continued sin (2:30-34)

·        God promises there will be a priest who will remember the holiness of God's laws (2:35)

3 Principles


#1) God still uses imperfect Christians, but sin in our lives leads to serious consequences

#2) God will ultimately discipline people who use religious positions to further their own purposes

#3) It's possible for children to grow up to be godly adults, even though they've lived around sin


For next week, read I Samuel 3