Samuel – A Lifetime Serving God

Lesson 11: “A Second Chance” I Samuel 9:25-10:24


“Do whatever your hand finds to do, for God is with you.” I Samuel 10:7


Three Affirming Signs

·        Samuel gave Saul an awesome message, and anointed him (10:1)

·        Saul may not have quite believed what was happening, so God provided three miraculous signs that what Samuel said was from God. (just as God did with the birth of Isaac and Jesus)

1.      "Two Men at Rachel's Tomb" (10:2) Again how can others know what Saul was seeking?

2.      "Three Men Going to Bethel" (10:3) Note the detail!

3.      "A Procession of Prophets" (10:5) In the midst of the enemy… (v. 5, and see v. 26)

·        Note that all three prophecies came true that day (10:9, recall 3:19)


A changed person

·        What happened when Saul met the prophets? See verses 6 & 9. How many times have we seen how people change when they experience the power and presence of God?

·        Is verse 11 a clue to Saul's (former) character?


Second thoughts

·        Even if we feel God's call, we still often retain our same basic personalities. Saul wondered aloud to Samuel how someone from a small tribe could be so great a person.

·        Now, Saul's uncle asks him about the donkeys. Saul tells him about Samuel, but… there is not one word about being anointed king of Israel!!! Why?


In hiding

·        Once again, Samuel summons the people to Mizpah. Remember what happened there before?

·        Note what Samuel says (10:17-19). Contrast with what Samuel said at Mizpah before (7:6-11)

·        The king was chosen by lot. But it wasn't really random. God had already determined who would be king. And Saul knew it. Note his reaction! (10:21,22)

·        If God knows where lost donkeys are, He surely knows where Saul is! (10:22)

·        Rather an embarrassing beginning for the King of Israel (10:24)


Second chances

·        What is God doing in all of this? He is giving Israel a second chance. They wanted a king. But instead of punishing them, God showed Saul in particular that His hand was in this process of choosing a king.

·        God would still watch over Israel, and hear their prayers to be delivered from the oppressive Philistines. Truly a God of love…

3 Principles


#1) God is willing and waiting to give all of His children a second chance

#2) God often brings others into our lives to enable us to have second chances

#3) If God calls another person to help us, He will enable them to face the challenge


For next week read I Samuel 12:1-25