Samuel – A Lifetime Serving God

Lesson 10: “God's Will” I Samuel 8:21-10:1


“Anoint him leader over my people Israel…” I Samuel 9:16


An intimate conversation

·        What has happened so far? God clearly spelled out what would happen if a king governed Israel, and Samuel "told the people" (8:10). Yet the people still wanted a king to be "like all the other nations", and to have a king go before them in battle (8:20). What had God been doing?

·        Notice v. 21. Samuel repeated all this to the Lord. Surely God already knew Israel's words. What does this say about the kind of relationship Samuel had with the Lord?

·        Think again of prayer. Why pray if God already knows our hearts? What does prayer do?


An impressive young man

·        Even though Israel had deliberately rejected God's divine protection, the Lord chose a king.

·        God chose an "impressive young man" (9:2) Do you think God was saying "Fine, put your trust in a human."? The folly of this choice was shown during the confrontation with Goliath…


Divine appointments

·        God often uses ordinary human experiences as part of His plan. Here, Saul is looking for some lost donkeys (9:3-5). While out looking for the donkeys, Saul "happens" to come across Samuel

·        It's actually Saul's servant who knows Samuel is in the area (9:6). Saul apparently didn't know. Combine that with 3:21. Is it an indication of Saul's spiritual state?

·        Saul and his servant hope Samuel can point them to the lost donkeys. But God knew this meeting was coming (9:15,16), and had bigger things in mind. God had not forsaken His people.



·        Upon meeting Samuel (9:18,19), and apparently without being told about the missing donkeys, Samuel tells Saul not to worry about the lost animals. (9:20). He is a seer!

·        Samuel makes a strange prophecy (9:20), and Saul responds with what I think is sincere humility. It's one of the few times we see Saul like this. (9:20, see Judges 20:46-48)

·        Samuel also invites both Saul to be the guest at dinner. Not only is Saul seated at the place of honor, so is the servant! Most unusual. Saul is also served a portion that had already been set aside for him! Who knew they were coming?

·        Think of Samuel's first experience and conversation with the Lord. I think Samuel always remembered that encounter. Do you think Saul always remembered this unique day?

·        Later, Samuel talks with Saul (9:25), and just before Saul leaves, Samuel has a message for him (9:27). It's likely Samuel told him the truth about what was happening. Saul was then anointed.

3 Principles


#1) No person, not matter how qualified, should ever replace God in the hearts of God's people

#2) The only way to determine God's perfect will is through the direct teachings of Scripture

#3) When we choose not to follow God's will, the consequences can be serious


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