Nehemiah – Becoming A Disciplined Leader

Lesson 12: "Studying God’s Word"

"I have hidden your word in my heart…" Psalms 119:11

Studying God’s Word

    1. Pray – Remember Psalms 119:18
    2. Survey – Read the passage quickly
    3. Read – Read the passage carefully
    4. Observe – List the details, pay attention to things that are meaningful. Like names, places, names of God, emotions, events, actions, etc…
    5. Interpret – What do the details mean? What did they mean to the author? What did they mean to the audience it was written for? Have I seen something like this in the Bible before?
    6. Apply – What does it mean to me? What does this passage mean in our time?
    7. Pray – Ask the Spirit to water the seeds that have been planted
    8. Share – Look for opportunities to use what you’ve learned

Deut. 32:10-11

John 4:46-54

For next week, read Nehemiah 13