Nehemiah – Becoming A Disciplined Leader

Lesson 10: "When People Try to Hurt You" Nehemiah 6

"But I prayed, ‘Now strengthen my hands’." Neh. 6:9

The Big Picture

A Peace Conference

Hiring a traitor

6 Principles

#1) When criticized, we must not counterattack by questioning the other person’s motives

#2) We must be patient and wait for motives to be revealed

#3) When criticized by unbelievers follow the New Testament

#4) When criticized unjustly, we must be bold and honest in our responses to rumors, but never take revenge

#5) When falsely accused, we must not allow fear to cloud our perceptions and cause us to act impulsively and do something foolish

#6) When we follow God’s principles for handling false accusations, He will ultimately defend us

For next week, read Nehemiah Chapters 8 and 9