Moses – Freeing Yourself to Know God

Lesson 9: “Reflecting God's Glory” Exodus 34:27-35


“they saw that his face was radiant…” Exodus 34:35


And know He is God

·        God appears there on Mt. Sinai again, and notice Moses' reaction (34:9)

·        God makes a new covenant with Moses, and promises to do wonderful things (34:10). But, God would not tolerate idolatry. Israel would need to take steps to distance themselves from pagan influences (34:13-17) Failure would bring serious consequences (Deut. 4:23-28)

·        Do we realize what a privilege we have as Christians? Think of this awesome holy experience Moses had with God. We can have that same face to face meeting with God through Christ!!! (See Hebrews 4:14-16) We don't need to go to a tent on the outskirts of town to find God.

·        The Israelites had failed to realize how holy God is, and live in such a way that honored that holiness. Also, they had failed to realize how important it is to avoid sin, and the effect sin had on their relationship with God. Now God gives them the Law, which address these two shortcomings. The Law makes us realize how holy and perfect God is, and how far we are from living up to God's standards. Also, the Law makes us realize how destructive sin is.


Moses' three requests

·        1st Request - Exod. 32:12 While still on Mt. Sinai, he pleaded with God not to destroy the people

·        2nd Request - Exod. 33:15 Moses pleaded with God not to withdraw His presence

·        3rd Request - Exod 34:9 Moses pleaded for forgiveness

·        Note how Moses' relationship with God grew deeper as a result of a great trial and test


Moses' greatest spiritual experience

·        Moses stayed on Mt. Sinai for 40 days and nights, and again received the Law (34:27-28)

·        This close contact with God was literally reflected on Moses' face (34:29,33-35)


A more glorious covenant

·        Paul mentioned Moses experience in his second letter to Corinth (II Cor. 3:1-18)

·        In verse 3, Paul is saying the body of Christ should reflect God's glory, just as Moses did. Paul then makes a series of contrasts between the old and new covenants (II Cor. 3:7-9,11)

·        Paul ends with a challenge to all Christians (II Cor. 3:18) Paul is saying we don't need to veil our faces like Moses did, we should reflect God's glory at all times. Also, we as a body of Christians should reflect God's glory.

·        Consider the fruits of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22) Think of how this fruits are relational in nature, that they are fulfilled in someone else

3 Principles


#1) We should view trials as opportunities to grow in our relationship with God

#2) We must remember God has designed prayer as a divine resource to help us through trials

#3) God wants to use trials in our own lives to be able to reflect His glory to others


For next week read Numbers 10:33-11:33