Moses – Freeing Yourself to Know God

Lesson 7: “An Incredible Act of Love” Exodus 32


“But Moses sought the favor of the Lord his God.” Exodus 32:11


Unbelievable degradation

·        What if someone came into your house and conducted séances, orgies, and immorality of all kinds?

·        Remember the promises to Abraham (Gen. 12:1-3) Isaac (22:15-18) and Jacob (28:13-14)?

·        When Israel came to Mt. Sinai, God appeared in great majesty (Exod. 19:16-19)

·        God made it clear who He was (20:1-2), and gave them the 10 Commandments (20:3-5,18-22)

·        During this time, Moses ascended the mountains several times, and received additional instructions on how they should worship the Lord (Chapters 20-24). On one of these visits, Moses stayed 40 days and nights, and received instructions for building the Tabernacle (Chapters 25-31). During this time Moses was away, the Hebrews reverted to idolatry. They violated the first commandment, which they had just received!


Unbelievable ingratitude

·        Had the Israelites forgotten the miracles in Egypt? The Red Sea? The miracles in the desert? Had they forgotten what they had just seen at the foot of Mt. Sinai? 70 elders had seen God's glory with their own eyes (24:9-11)

·        The people grew restless, and they quickly fell back on their pagan background. The people convinced Aaron to fashion a "god" for them (32:1-6) How could Aaron, of all people, do this?

·        The people also engaged in immoral activity (32:6)


Righteous indignation

·        The Lord's reaction is explicit (32:9-10) God had run out of patience. He was ready to wipe them off the face of earth and start over with Moses (32:10)

·        Moses' reaction is astounding, especially given all the grief Moses has received from these people. Moses intercedes for the people (32:11) and reminds God of His promises (32:12,13) He even offers to be separated from God (32:32)

·        God relented (32:14), and Moses goes down the mountain to see what is going on. Moses is furious at what he sees, to the point where he breaks the tablets God had inscribed (32:19,20)

·        Aaron's rationalization is almost funny. He blames the people, and acts like the calf just magically fashioned itself (32:21-24) Must have forgot he was the one who made it (32:3-4)

·        Moses set about restoring order. The people had given God a bad name (32:25)

·        The Levites apparently shared Moses' anger (32:26-29)

·        God still demanded punishment (32:30-34)


3 Principles


#1) No one can love as Moses loved apart from God's supernatural power and grace

#2) We must always be on guard against taking God's love and grace for granted

#3) Jesus Christ is the only one who has demonstrated God's love to the fullest degree


For next week read Exodus 33:1 - 34:17