Moses – Freeing Yourself to Know God

Lesson 5: “The Importance of a Good Self-Image” Exodus 4-14


“Moses answered the people, 'Do not be afraid. Stand firm…'” Exodus 14:13


Getting his household in order

·        We need self-confidence to weather the storms in life (see Luke 9:23) But this kind of confidence is what Paul describes in Phil. 4:13. Moses needed to learn this.

·        Moses may have heard about God from his parents, he had made the decision to put God first, but Moses' actions tell us that Moses still needed to meet and experience God personally

·        Moses maintained his relationship with Jethro (which will pay off later), and sets out with his family to meet Aaron. However, lesson 1. Honor God's ways first (4:24-26) How could Moses be spiritual leader of Moses if he didn't see to the spiritual side of his own family?


Preliminary Tests

·        Before Moses could face Pharaoh, he still needed to deal with his feelings of inferiority brought on by rejection. Notice how the following events address this.

·        1st Test - Painful Memories: At first, Israel welcomes Moses and Aaron (4:31) But Pharaoh reacts by increasing the burden on the Hebrews (5:1-18) The Hebrews blame Moses (5:21) This time thought, Moses goes to God with his feelings (5:22-23). God then goes right to…

·        2nd Test - More Rejection: God reiterates His desire to deliver the Israelites (6:1-5) Moses passes this on the Hebrews, who don't listen (6:6-9) Right on the heels of this, God wants Moses to go to Pharaoh (6:10,11), but Moses experiences those same feelings (4:10; 6:12)

·        3rd Test - In the Right Direction: God encourages Moses, reminds him Aaron is there to help (7:1-6) God then has Moses do what he was good at, being a man powerful in speech and action


God's Divine Therapy

·        The power of the 10 Plagues often overwhelms the way God was working in Moses' life. God was not only demonstrating His power to an unbelieving Egypt, He was working on Moses

·        Notice how in the first 3 plagues, Moses speaks to Aaron, and Aaron performs the miracles. After that, Moses is acting on his own. In the 6th plague, Moses both speaks and acts.

·        Note how the plagues are a jab at what Egypt holds sacred. The Nile, frogs, livestock, etc…

·        Little by little, God rebuilt Moses' confidence. Note Egypt's reaction now (11:3)


The Big Test

·        The miracle at the Red Sea shows us just how far Moses has come. From a human point of view, there was no escape. (14:1-10) Terror and anger overtook the Hebrews (14:10-12)

·        But, notice how Moses responds this time. Without hesitation, Moses responds like the great man of faith we know him to be (14:13-14).

·        At last, Israel is free! (14:29-30) Note their respect for Moses now (14:31)

3 Principles


#1) God is concerned that emotional problems do not stand in our way of trusting Him

#2) Self-confidence and self-acceptance are basic to comfortably trusting and obeying God

#3) No matter our maturity level, we are always vulnerable, especially where we were once weak


For next week read Exodus 15:1-21