Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi – Back from Exile

Lesson 5: “And Still More Night Visions” Zechariah 5 & 6


“he will be clothed with majesty…” Zech. 6:13


what have we seen so far?

·        The first 3 visions dealt with the restoration and salvation of Israel

·        The next 2 visions talked about the need for Israel to get rid of its sin. Also, there were the first great promises of the Messiah

·        Given these visions form a cycle, what do you think we'll see this time?


Vision of the flying scroll

·        Strange sight, a flying scroll 30 ft. long by 15 ft. wide. What does it mean? In Scripture, a scroll represents the Law, and often means a pronouncement of judgment (Ezek. 2:3,9.10)

·        So, judgment is coming to Israel. v. 3 speaks of the curse (see Num. 6:24-26, Deut. 28:15-20)

·        There are references to 2 commandments. This is a way to represent the whole Law of Moses

·        Why is breaking an oath so bad a sin it is used here? (e.g. see I Tim. 1:10)

·        This vision is a warning to get rid of sin, like the vision in chapter 3!


Vision of woman in the basket

·        vs. 6 mentions an ephah, the largest dry measure used by the Jews, about 8 gallons, so this is indicating a great deal of sin, not a trivial amount

·        why is a woman called wickedness in v. 7? (as does Proverbs)

·        This vision talks about the removal of sin, also like the vision in Ch. 3. The sin is taken to Babylon, a symbol of evil, and probably a comfort to a people who suffered under Babylon


Vision of four chariots

·         What were chariots used for? War! What colors are the horses? Where have we seen that before? In Ch.1, so we've come full circle. That first vision talked about how God had not forgotten about the wicked nations, and that judgment was coming. This last vision concludes that thought.

·         Red-war; white-victory; black-judgment and calamity; dappled-plagues

·         The black horse is sent to the "north country" (Babylon, e.g. Jer. 1:14)

·         In v. 8, God's wrath is quieted. How? Well, this in the second year of Darius's rule. Three years later, there was a revolt in Babylon, and Darius in response devastated the area.


A crown for Joshua

·        This is not a vision, but it contains perhaps the most complete picture of the Messiah in OT

·        A gift for the temple has arrived from Babylon, and Zechariah is to take and make a crown for Joshua, the high priest. What is odd about this? Priests don't wear crowns, kings do!

·        v. 13 refers to the Branch again. We've seen that already.

·        v. 14 refers to sitting on a throne. Again, priests don't sit on thrones, kings do! This is a foreshadowing the Christ, the Priest-King. See Psalms 110:4

·        v. 15 seems to refer to the end times, when Gentiles will come to help build the temple. (see Isa. 60:10,11)


For next week, read Zechariah 7 & 8