Elijah Ė Remaining Steadfast Through Uncertainty

Lesson 9: "Overcoming Depression" I Kings 18:41-46,19:1-9

"I have had enough, LordÖ" I Kings 19:4

An Emotional High

A Devastating Disappointment

God Understands

Warning signs of depression

6 Principles

#1) Being a Christian does not guarantee we wonít experience depression

#2) Under certain circumstances, we should expect to experience depression

#3) Depression always distorts our view of reality (I Kings 19:9)

#4) God wants us to get sufficient rest for lifeís long haul

#5) We are more vulnerable when we are physically and emotionally exhausted (Matt. 4)

#6) Understanding depression can help us cope with its presence

For next week, read I Kings 19:9-18