Elijah – Remaining Steadfast Through Uncertainty

Lesson 6: "Avoiding Rationalization" I Kings 18:16-19, Ch. 21

"I have not made trouble for Israel…you have…" I Kings 18:18

What can we learn from Ahab?

In the Garden of Eden

You are responsible for the wrong I am suffering

Now, how did that get here?

Reacting positively when confronted by our own sin

I am innocent

An exceedingly childish king

8 Principles

#1) Is it fear? #5) Is it pride?

#2) Is it jealousy? #6) Is it guilt?

#3) Is it anger? #7) Is it selfishness?

#4) Is it a need for security? #8) Is it lust?

For next week, read Genesis 19 and I Kings 18:19-21