David – Seeking God Faithfully

Lesson 2: "A Look At A Man’s Heart" Psalms

"…but the Lord looks at the heart" I Samuel 16:7

What is the heart?

à mental center

à emotional center

à moral center

God "tries the heart", "sees the heart", "refines the heart", and "searches the heart". A person may have an "evil heart", be "godless in heart", be "perverse and deceitful in heart", and "harden his heart". But a person also can have a "clean heart" and a "new heart".

David’s View Of God

God’s View Of David

2 Principles

#1) David’s view of God should be our view of God

When I think of God’s how does it affect my life?

How should it affect my life?

#2) God’s view of David should be His view of us

 For next week, read I Samuel 16:1-23