David Ė Seeking God Faithfully

Lesson 10: "That Culprit Called Self-Deception" I Samuel 27 - 30

"The best thing I can do is to escape to the land of the PhillistinesÖ" I Samuel 27: 1

Davidís feelings of rejection and despair

Davidís self-pity and attempts to make things happen on his own

Davidís serious problems begin

Godís Amazing Grace

5 Principles

#1) Beware the effects of self pity

#2) Beware of losing perspective on Godís plan for our lives

#3) Beware interpreting blessings in our lives as necessarily a sign of Godís approval

#4) We must never take advantage of Godís grace

#5) We must never conclude that itís too late to turn back to God

For next week, read II Samuel 11 - 12