Daniel Ė Standing Firm For God

Lesson 3: "A Mysterious Drama" Daniel 2

"but there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteriesÖ" Daniel 2:28

Act I: Troubling Dreams and Nebuchadnezzarís Frustration (2:3-11)

Act II: Nebuchadnezzarís Decree and Ariochís Explanation (2:12-16)

Act III: Four Menís Prayers and Danielís Adoration (2:17-23)

Act IV: Divine Mysteries and Danielís Interpretation (2:24-45)

Act V: The Kingís Honor and Danielís Elevation (2:46-49)

3 Principles

#1) Though God is sovereign and in control of history, He has chosen to use our human knowledge, wisdom, tact, and abilities to achieve His divine and eternal purposes (Acts 4:23-31 and Romans 11:33-36)

#2) Though God is sovereign, He as chosen to use the process of prayer to unleash His miraculous power to enable us to solve problems that range from those simple issues we face at the purely human level to those that are very complex and far beyond our human capabilities

#3) No matter how much we contribute to Godís work in this world with our time, our talents, and our treasures, we should always give Him all honor and glory for what has been accomplished (Ephesians 3:20-21)

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