Abraham – Holding Fast To The Will Of God

Lesson 7: "A Pure Motive But Wrong Method" Genesis 15:1-16:16

"Abram agreed to what Sarai said…" Genesis 16:2

A serious problem

A wrong method

      1. A wrong premise - Abram assumed Sarai's reasoning was valid
      2. Selfish motives - were Abram and Sarai following Phil. 2:3,4?
      3. Prayerlessness - no indication that they consulted God first (recall 14:22,23)
      4. Regression - Abram followed the old ways; right motive, wrong method

Serious repercussions

      1. Pride and arrogance - Hagar grew proud and arrogant (16:4) See Prov. 30:21-23
      2. Bitterness - Sarai lashes out at Abram (16:5) Is that human nature? We take a step without God's blessing, and instead of blaming ourselves, we attack each other
      3. Family tension - With almost unbearable tension in his household, Abram doesn't even take responsibility for his actions (16:6)

Sovereign intervention

5 Principles

#1) We must guard against our human tendency to take matters into our own hands

#2) We must be cautious about making quick decisions and snap judgements without thinking

#3) We must remember that even those closest to us can lead us astray

#4) We must be alert to subtle influences from our former lifestyle

#5) We must always select methods that are in harmony with the principles of Scripture

For next week, read Genesis 17:1 - 27